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How To Build Your Network in Facebook to Reach Even More Prospects

21 04 2008

Your goal in facebook and other social networking sites is to build a large highly targeted (people you’d like to influence) friends network which will increases your influence and makes you appear as an expert in your field.

How To Add Friends

Start by adding friend of friends, direct contacts, distant acquaintances, members of groups you’re part of, people you recognize. Here is a step-by-step process you can follow :

How To Write Comments To Build Link Popularity

19 04 2008

When you write comments in other blogs, your primary goal is to develop a relationship that you can leverage. And you will do that by writing good comments that add real value to the post.

How To Write a Good Comment

  • Build upon the post : I agree but, great point and…
  • Disagree with the post, then provide Evidence, alternative rationale.
  • Say : nice information to get us started in thinking about this; I recently wrote a post that made the following points….
  • Point out one key element of the article that could have been more clearly explained, then explain it, then maybe link to your explanation

How To Get Listed in Google Products

16 04 2008

Google product get you a high rank. To have your site featured in Google products, you need to have a feed of your products. The title should contain targeted keywords. Description should contains keywords, but it should also be a soft selling description since it will be the only way you have to get a prospect to click on your product. Don’t optimize it only for search engines, optimize it first for human, then for search engines.


Leverage The Power Of Google NoteBook to Get Ranked In

16 04 2008

This is how you can use Google Notebook to get ranked in, it could be a temporary technique so you should be aware that this isn’t permanent.

In your Google Notebook, click on Sharing Options : publish this notebook and make it a public webpage. Add tags and change the name of notebook to put the keyword you want to get ranked for. Put your keywords in the author Name too.


I would advise you to point to a subsite because it could be a spammy technique and therefore your site can get a penality later. Don’t use your primary Google Account for this technique.

How To Offer Unquestionable Proof In Your Sales Letter

12 04 2008

Proof will pomp up your response rate each time you concentrated on. Master closers sell on proof because nobody buys without belief. Proof is the one that had always gave me the most leverage and it’s the most valuable element of a sales letter because it’s the hardest to manufacture and the the rarest.

The strongest ads pile layer upon layer of compelling proof. The higher the belief level, the higher your response.

Greatest secret of Building Belief

Simply said : offer DEMONSTRATION.
"No argument in the world can even compare with one dramatic demonstration" Hopkins.
A demonstration is where you are showing people that your product really works.

How To Write Headlines The Right Way

11 04 2008

If you need a fast way to find new headlines ideas, save this page and read it again and again. Notice the structure before trying to copy the headline word-to-word : You’ll find that each of these headlines represent a DESIRE and offers a PROMISE.

Let’s take an example :

Announcing…The New Edition Of The Encyclopedia That Makes It Fun To Learn Things

What’s the hidden desire that this headline is conveying ? It’s simply the desire for people to learn and became wise.

What’s the promise ? The headline promises to make it a fun process.

Guru Tips : John Resse on How To Get Them to Opt-in and various other Topics

9 04 2008

How To Get Them To Opt-in

You get them primarily by incorporating opt-in forms WITHIN the sales content. You can position opt-in forms at the beginning, middle, and/or end. It’s often best to use MULTIPLE forms throughout the page. You can also use pop-over windows and such, but you definitely want to use forms within the content.

Split Testing Squeeze Pages (Squeeze or no Squeeze)

I won’t promote an affiliate offer unless I have the option of going directly to the sales page. I do a small test mailing to a segment of my list first, split-testing both versions (squeeze and non-squeeze) and then rolling out the offer with the most profitable option

Guru Tips : John Resse on How To Spy On Your Competitors

8 04 2008

The Wayback Machine

You can often find a multiyear history of a company’s web site by using this free online service. It will allow you to go back and take a look at how web pages looked, If you find a competitor that is doing really well in a market (or appears to be) you should use The WayBack Machine to see how long they have been selling the product. Or to see how long they have been selling the product at the current price .

How To Use Web 2.0 Sites To Get Even More Traffic

8 04 2008

There are many social sites that you can leverage to get first ranking in Google. Google is showing his appreciation for many of the most important social sites and you can just leverage this to get thousands of visitors.

Using Scribd

Scribd is a Web 2.0 property where you can post all your PDF and articles. Post your PDF files after creating anchor links in them. Scrib will also show you recent search queries to this document so you can really measure the efficiency of this strategy.

How To Build Links Through Blogging

8 04 2008

You can actually build a lot of incoming links to your site just by starting a blog. It would be better to have a seperate site just for the blog as the links will be more valuable for Google. You can for example buy someone else site. In your blog, don’t talk specifics if your business site is simply a boring retail sells business, try to speak about the general topic of your niche.

Each article should be around 200 words, with 3 outgoing links, 2 deep link to your site and 1 to another (like, wikipedia,